Open Roles

  • iOS Engineer

    In this role, you will be responsible for developing mobile apps equipped with Navier's image processing technology. Our ideal candidate has experience in technology stacks such as Core ML and Metal to develop products using on-device image processing and machine learning.
    Details are:
    • Develop "Falper SR"
    • Develop upcoming iOS apps

    Required Skills and Experience:

    • Experience in developing iOS apps with Swift

    Preferred Skills and Experience:

    • Experience in using Swift UI
    • Experience in developing camera apps and image processing apps
    • Experience in using machine learning models based on Core ML and Metal
    • Experience in developing iPad and Mac apps
  • Back-end Engineer

    In this role, you will be responsible for backend development of Web services and API, outlets of Navier’s image processing technology.
    Details are:
    • Develop Web services with Django
    • Designing and building infrastructure on AWS

    Preferred Skills and Experience:

    • Experience in implementation of API with GraphQL
  • Algorithm Engineer

    In this role, you will be responsible for application of deep learning models into Web clients and/or mobiles.
    Details are:
    • Develop and optimize ML models to be executable on devices
    • Develop rapid and efficient algorithm for inference processing of ML models
    • Develop frameworks of inference processing

    Preferred Skills and Experience:

    • Experience in using deep learning frameworks processing on devices, including TensorFlow.js, TensorFlow Lite, and Core ML
    • Development experience in shading languages such as WebGL and Metal
    • Development experience in native languages such as C, C++, and Rust
  • Research Engineer

    In this role, you will perform research on machine learning technology (mainly deep learning), which composes integral parts of Navier's products, and implementation of research results.
    Details are:
    • Perform research on latest papers in the field of image processing including super-resolution and image restoration
    • Examine methods proposed in latest papers and applicability of those methods to Navier's products
    • Collaborate within the team and with cross-functional teams (sales and engineering), conceive approaches to customers' issues, and develop machine learning model

    Preferred Skills and Experience

    • Research experience and publications in computer vision or related fields
    • Experience in using PyTorch, TensorFlow or similar frameworks of deep learning
    • Research experience in physics, math, engineering, computer science, or related fields