Deep Learning-Based Image Processing

Our deep learning technology enhances the quality of all types of images



We conduct research and development of image processing technologies
utilizing deep learning.
The latest deep learning technology can achieve higher performance
than conventional image processing methods.


We implement our proprietary technology in various areas.
Deep learning is a versatile technology.
Please contact us about further use-cases.
Application examples: photo books, E-Commerce, smartphones, surveillance cameras


Our technology can increase resolution of images and significantly improve quality. It can be utilized to adjust the focus (de-blur) without changing the image size.
original image super resolution image

Photo Enhancement

Our AI can enhance visibility of backlit objects or less-visible ones in dark photos. It can also reduce noise generated by insufficient light intensity.
original image enhanced image

Noise Removal /
Data Restoration

Our AI can remove noise in photos and block noise triggered by image compression. This technology can be applied to reduce the cost of image storage.
original image denoised image


We are searching for members passionate about impacting the society
with deep learning-based image processing technology.
Please check Open Roles to learn more about career opportunities.


Company Name
Navier, Inc.
9-2 Nibancho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, JapanView on Google map
February 9, 2018
Business Description
Development of deep learning-based image processing technology